코드이그나이터 트러블슈팅 번역입니다.

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If you find that no matter what you put in your URL only your default page is loading,
it might be that your server does not support the REQUEST_URI variable needed to serve search-engine friendly URLs.
As a first step,
open your application/config/config.php file
and look for the URI Protocol information.
It will recommend that you try a couple alternate settings.
If it still doesn’t work after you’ve tried this
you’ll need to force CodeIgniter to add a question mark to your URLs.
To do this open your application/config/config.php file and change this:
$config['index_page'] = "index.php"; to this $config['index_page'] = "index.php?";

Press [microphone] and say the sentence 

원본글을 번역한 것입니다. 


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