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The movie is great.
But the movie felt rushed but not because of the pace but because of the abundance of characters.
I really loved Thanos because he was not a bad guy but a guy with some messed up ideals.
He doesn't want power for himself but to balance the universe.
Stars everyone.
except Hawkeye and Ant-Man?
Guys, relax.
Dr.Strange knows what he's doing.
1 out of 14 million.
Star Lord didn't ruin it, it was meant to happen.
This got the same grade as Age of Ultron.
huh?? B+ really ? I thought it was an A-?
If you havn't seen the movie go watch it.
Most people disagree with sam's rating.
In my opinion its easily an A- or A+
I'll have to disagree with you on this one.
It's more like a 9.5/10 = A
All i can say without spoiling: THE ENDING OMG.
Absolutely hilarious this got a lower grade than the last Jedi.
I really don't agree with his rating.
The movie I watched was an undoubtable A+
but I get that some people enjoy certain films for than others.
But I was surprised when sam gave Infinity War a B+.

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어려서부터 스파이더맨을 참 인상깊게 재밌게 봐왔던 1인으로

인피니티워도 기대를 저버리지 않더군요 

실제 미국인들의 인피니티워에 대한 반응들입니다. 



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