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(a long time fan of the MCU and superheroes in general)
The movie was everything I wanted it to be and more.
When Starlord finds out Gamora is dead his first reaction would be to flip out and selfishly hit Thanos.
We've seen this before in GOG Vol.2
where he immediately blasts Ego when he finds out he killed his mother.
So the argument that certain characters do things that don't coincide with their normal behaviour doesn't sit well with me.
Doctor Strange says
giving the time stone up was the only way which meant there was a reason
he saved Tony's life which means he must have some sort of plan.
Think back to the 14 million possibilities.
As for the movie shifting tone,
it really wasn't noticeable unlike films like Justice League
but then again what did you expect with 50+ characters in the mix?
For me, the movie was always quite comedic but darker in some places.
It is easily the best MCU film
and if it feels like I'm going on a rant, I'm not.
I'm just a triggered fanboy with way too much free time on his hands.
Keep up the reviews sam .
I enjoy them but this rating seriously irks me.
B+? Are you shitting me dude? This movie deserves an 'A'.
It didn't feel rushed,
pacing and interactions really make sense and not wasted at all.
I really enjoyed it.

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on one's hands 라는 표현은 그의 (손에)~이 남아돈다 라는 의미입니다. 

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